Back Your Trading With The Strongest Forex Community!

By tradeproofer on 28 February 2021

Want to see the perks of trading alongside the strongest MT4 forex community? Try our proprietary software today for FREE!


Why is TradeProofer the strongest retail forex trader community in 2021? As the old saying goes, there’s power in numbers, and the numbers behind TradeProofer don’t lie. Since 2014 we’ve been the voice of authority in the forex markets, assisting proprietary trading desks, forex brokers, and retail forex traders alike to make the forex industry as transparent, competitive & fair as possible.

TradeProofer monitors over 100 Million Ticks every day that the forex markets are open, ensuring that our forex trading community is backed by accurate & reliable data. Forex traders can know that when TradeProofer judges your trade that our proprietary system has scanned over 10,000 Ticks to make an assessment of that single trade!

 Not only does TradeProofer’s proprietary MT4 system support our forex community, but our committed team conducts manual checks every day of the week, to ensure TradeProofer’s data accuracy. 

If TradeProofer flags your trade as in line or better, you can rest assured knowing that your broker has given you some of the best trade execution available not only with your broker, but also with the entire forex broker market. 

Alternatively, if our proprietary system judges your trade as an outlier or poor execution you can know that you’ve received worse trade execution than normal at not only your broker, but the entire forex broker market!

If you want TradeProofer to automatically scan your trades, send you reports of your trade execution & to get access TradeProofer’s “AFTR-Trade” software, sign up to our community today!




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