Forex Trading Success Stories

By tradeproofer on 31 March 2021

There are many success stories out there of forex traders that are quite inspiring and are sure to motivate anyone to start forex trading! Some of the most popular success stories are discussed below. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner trader or an industry veteran we all need a bit of motivation and inspiration with trading from time to time. These stories include hedge fund champions and also trade from home success stories – they just go to show that trading is for anyone that perseveres!

1 George Soros

Known as one of the most famous traders of all time, George Soros managed to gain $1 billion dollars overnight. In 1992, Soros made a bet that the British pound was priced too highly against the Deutschmark, and was then known as the man who broke the Bank of England as he earned $1 billion. 

2. Edward Arthur Seykota 

Known for making his first trade at the age of 5 when he traded his neighbour a gold-coloured medallion for five magnifying lenses, Seykota has been trading since the 1970’s and is seen as the father of the trading system. Throughout his trading career, he developed mechanical algorithms for trading systems and used computer programs in exchange trading. From 1972 to 1988, Seykota created a profit of over 250,000% for one of his clients, turning $5,000 into $15 million! 

3. Ingeborga Mootz

Mootz is not your average grandmother, at the age of 96, she managed to become a millionaire from forex trading. After many years of financial dependence on her husband, Mootz found 1000 shares of a concern after her husband had passed and decided she wanted to trade. That decision worked out well for her, as within her first 8 years of trading, Mootz earned $500,000! Mootz is a rags to riches story that an motivate traders from any level.

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