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By Tom Stewart on 17 March 2021

The EURUSD is the most traded symbol of the most liquid market in the world, allowing brokers to give razor thin spreads on the major forex pair. The EURUSD (a.k.a the ‘fibre’) is composed of the Euro (EUR) & the United States Dollar (USD), with each currency contributing 3 letters to the symbol code. But enough of the basics – if you’re here you know your forex jargon & are here to find the best trading conditions. We crunched the number of over 55+ brokers to find the best EURUSD spreads in the industry!

The short of it is IC Markets took the #1 place, and FP Markets was their closest runner up (#2). Keep reading to see the data!

Why TradeProofer Data?

TradeProofer’s data is backed by our community of retail traders, all contributing to each other in order to find the holy trinity of trading conditions: thin spreads, low costs & great trade execution. The EURUSD is the industry benchmark for which forex broker is leading the pack, and as such we judge brokers accordingly.

The Lowest Spread Forex Broker March 2021

Which broker has the best EURUSD spread so far this month? Using TradeProofer’s proprietary data we’ll find out! On the average spread for trading days so far in March 2021 FP Markets & IC Markets lead the pack!

FP Markets places 1st with a spread average of 0.0885
IC Markets places 2nd with a spread average of 0.0975
But wait…

Despite having a higher spread average for the period, on average IC Markets spread was better than FP Markets 80.21% of the time!

IC Markets spread is noticeably wider during roll over, meaning that for around 2 hours of the day IC Markets spread was worse. But let’s be honest – not many traders trade around roll-over anyway! This is why we ranked IC Markets the #1 EURUSD spread so far this month.

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