Finding The Best Broker With TradeProofer

By Tom Stewart on 15 September 2021

Finding the best broker isn’t exactly a black and white task, as there are a wide variety of factors to consider when choosing. Spreads, commissions, swaps, funding methods, and regulation must be considered when selecting a forex broker, however, trade execution is often overlooked when deciding on a broker to trade with.

TradeProofer knows how vital quality trade execution is to traders with high performance systems and our proprietary technology has been developed to analyse trade execution and slippage. We’ve made it easier than ever for high performance traders to select a broker that suits their needs. How? It’s simple.

TradeProofer’s community members have free access to our expert advisor. When TradeProofer’s members run our expert they all contribute to our crowdsourced database that compares billions of pieces of tick data against trade executions. TradeProofer’s crowdsourced data gives us firm confidence in recommending the best forex broker for your strategy. When our tech recommends a low slippage forex broker you can rest assured knowing that the broker has had high quality trade execution for thousands of TradeProofer community members trades.

To get access to this info log in to the TradeProofer portal and run the expert advisor. Once our system has a large enough sample to compare go to the TradeProofer portal > “Reports” page, and you will see various brokers recommended.

TradeProofer Best Forex Brokers

Last year (2020), TradeProofer found that on average IC Markets had the best quality trade execution.

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