TradeProofer 2.0 – Get Reacquainted!

By tradeproofer on 01 February 2021

As our long term members may have noticed, Tradeproofer is back & better than ever, with new designs and features to help equip traders with all the tools that they need! 

What’s New?

Our data & charts are newly refined, to give traders a seamless trade verification. Here’s a recap of how it works:

Excellent: We cross-referenced this against our crowdsourced database and our system found this trade to be executed at a far better price than the market. Lucky you!

Fair: Our system found that this trade was executed in line with the market. No problems here.

Outlier: TradeProofer found this trade was executed out of line from the market. Check the chart to see if you think the trade execution was reasonable!

Poor: Our system found that this trade was executed at a worse price than the market. Could be time to switch brokers…

You can toggle the trade price checker, between the old school candlestick chart and our flashy new wave chart! Just hit the button in the bottom right corner, and see more data about your trade.

We’ve also started to use the blog function to keep our traders updated with how brokers are performing. Stay updated about which brokers are performing and which aren’t, by checking our blog.

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TradeProofer 2.0 – Get Reacquainted!