Worst Trade Execution 2020 – Worst Forex Broker!

By tradeproofer on 28 January 2021

During 2020 we saw huge increases in market volatility! As we all know, increased volatility is typically synonymous with increased slippage – so which broker was slipping orders the most during the month?

Let’s start with the industry powerhouse – IC Markets. Earning their reputation for great trade execution, only 2.51% of trades with IC Markets were identified as outliers! Comparing this to our members trade execution with Pepperstone (Average 12.3% of trades were outliers) this is extremely good! Pepperstone is a key competitor for IC Markets, so seeing the quality difference for trade execution between the two forex brokers is shocking. 

So which broker had the worst trade execution? 

Well first, the honorable mentions – BlackBull Markets (with 15% of trades being outliers), FXCC & Gaitame (both with 22% of trades being outliers) all had a higher than normal amount of trades with outlier execution. The benchmark for the TradeProofer community was 9.90% of all trades being outliers. The broker with the most outlier trades recorded, with 25.2% of all trades being outliers (more than a quarter of trades executed with this broker!) was…………

BDS Markets! Below you can see one of TradeProofer’s community member trade snapshots with BDS Markets.

Not only is BDS Markets’ trade execution below the TradeProofer benchmark, their spreads are also considerably behind the market. Below you can see BDS’ EURUSD spread against IC Markets.

TradeProofer’s trade execution data only reflects the trades that have been proofed using our MT4 software. Actual trading conditions may vary at any forex broker featured in this article, and our data may not be an accurate representation of the actual trading conditions. Our data represents the trading experience of our community members. 

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