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Trading forex is pretty risky alone, we can't do much about it either. However, forex trading scams are not something you should settle with!


We started TradeProofer just to spot suspicious trades and save our community members from scam forex brokers. Run our EA, join our growing team of traders and if your trades will ever get filled off-market, you will know it!


You can rely on our community resources, may it be filing a complaint professionally or providing all relevant market data for your trade dispute. As we like to say: with TradeProofer, you never walk alone!


TradeProofer EA is a really lightweight Expert Advisor, don't worry, it will NOT interfere with your trading, it WILL NOT slow down your system either:

  • First of all, it does not trade
  • It is not visible from your broker's side
  • CPU usage: 0-2% (on an average PC)
  • RAM usage: less than 50 kbyte
  • Bandwidth usage: 24kbit/sec
  • Hard disk usage: less than 100 kbyte
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