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TradeProofer believes in low/no slippage! Whilst experiencing slippage is unavoidable, some brokers are just better than others. With TradeProofer’s free EA, you can benchmark your execution against the TradeProofer community. TradeProofer ranks trade execution as either fair, poor or outlier; leading the push towards low/no slippage.


We started TradeProofer to identify and notify forex traders of slippage incidents, helping our clients improve their bottom line. Run our FREE EXPERT ADVISOR, join our community of Forex Traders, and enjoy peace of mind with Tradeproofer monitoring your trades!


At TradeProofer we value speed, efficiency and mobility and we recognise that these values are critical in the Forex industry. We leverage cloud storage and automation security technologies for TradeProofers database and Expert Advisor, to crowdsource, record and deliver big data sets efficiently, on demand.


We develop technology for forex traders to accurately compare brokers on their real spreads and trading costs! Our proprietary Expert Advisor simplifies the work of traders; serious traders record their trade data, so it makes sense that serious traders record their Forex Brokers execution data and demand the best trading conditions from their broker.

TradeProofer is a must-have for Forex Traders in the event of a complaint or a dispute, as our software provides an unbiased, third party snapshot of relevant market data. TradeProofer believes in strength in numbers, so with TradeProofer you never trade alone!

The Tradeproofer EA is a lightweight, silent Expert Advisor (EA), meaning that its file size is extremely small, so that it doesn’t interfere with your trading, and it doesn’t place trades.

  • It is not visible on the brokers side
  • CPU Usage is 0.2% (Avg. PC)
  • Ram Usage is < 50kbyte
  • Bandwidth 24kbit/sec
  • Hard Disk Usage <100kbyte

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Why You Should Use TradeProofer


Forex Traders around the world improve with TradeProofer, strengthening our data by numbers! Our wealth of data allows seamless trade verification to instantly identify poor trade execution.


All of your trades will be benchmarked and rated as either fair, poor or an outlier.


A weekly report of all your trades and their benchmarked ratings will be emailed to you, allowing a quick and easy recap!


All of your trades feature a trade assessment! This chart visually represents your trade execution, your brokers bid & ask, and the market bid/ask.

sample chart

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3. Run the EA on all of your MT4 & MT5 Accounts!

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