TradeProofer is the only MT4 software which allows you to monitor the slippage from your forex broker

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Check out our latest tool in order to get expert insights on MetaTrader 4. We will benchmark your data against all other memebers to compare quotes and trades executions.

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“Our mission is to provide credible and unbiased information to review, compare and monitor performance in the forex trading world”

Why You Should Use TradeProofer?


Our trading sofware is completely free - no strings attached

Market Leading

Our proprietary software leverages cloud storage and automation security technologies to ensure our software supports everyone from beginners to high frequency traders

Speed, Efficiency
& Mobility

Our market leading technologies uses state of the art facilities, ensuring TradeProofer’s software doesn’t impact trade latency

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Reduce your slippage

Benchmark your trade execution against TradeProofer’s community with our proprietary Mt4 software

Peace Of Mind

TradeProofer will notify you of trade slippage to help you minimise your bottom line and have peace of mind

Stay Prepared

In the event of a dispute or complaint TradeProofer has your back. Our software provides third party verification for relevant market data

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Equip Your MetaTrader Terminal With Our Lightweight Software


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Tradeproofer’s software is easy to equip, invisible to your forex broker and does not place any trades.

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