Our Mission

TradeProofer’s mission is to provide credible and unbiased information to review, compare and monitor performance in the forex trading world.

Our Story

TradeProofer was founded in 2015, as we weren’t happy with the practices of many Forex brokers. We wanted to provide the Forex trading community with credible information of their broker and help them avoid shady brokerages.

As regulations increased globally, Forex brokerages have become increasingly reliable and trustworthy. Reacting to this, TradeProofer pivoted in a new direction; helping traders monitor their trade execution and broker performance. We aim to be the authority on the best forex brokers globally.

Our Vision

TradeProofer has two beliefs that are integral to us:

1. No/low spreads - Traders should be able to trade on spreads from 0.0 pips
2. No/low slippage - Whilst no slippage is sometimes impossible, we believe that brokers should actively work to keep it as low as possible

Our vision is that all forex brokers design their business around these key factors and provide a high quality trading environment.

Our Values

TradeProofer holds the values of integrity and honesty as key pillars. Integrity is vital to our business as our community relies on the accuracy of our data and trusts our information to make important decisions.

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